The Visits: Perceive the world

Ask someone about visiting a place then you will get different answers from different people. I am sure if you question to 10 different people, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers.

Even the Google require specific entry to search that place. I would say that visit to anyplace is much more than just a movement. It indicates moving or going away from one place and ending in another, with some kind of meaningful experience in between.

A “real visit to any place” — changes who you are and how you Perceive the world.

This platform invites you to write up your thoughts, share experience & view about your visit and let the world know about it.

This website mission is to help you to save money while traveling, live your dreams and help you & others to provide tips before exploring a new place.

About Me

For the past 12 years I am working in immigration world and helped people to relocate in different jurisdiction in this beautiful world. In 2016 my life took a drastic turn when I moved to world’s most liveable city — VIENNA, Austria.

Travel becomes one of my biggest passions. It was around this time that I decided to write an experience & share publicly.