2 days in Slovenia best Itinerary

I think this may be one of Europe’s smaller capital cities. Thanks to its size as we found 2 days is enough time in Ljubljana for us to explore the city’s highlights and even take a trip to one of the most beautiful lake in the world called BLED. In the following article you will find what to do in Ljubljana in 2 days so you can make the most of your visit and also encourage your friends and family to visit too.

Day 1 in Ljubljana

We rented Airbnb in Ljubljana and started our day in the beautiful city. I always  found Airbnb a good option to book a stay**.  If you are a first timer in Airbnb then click on this link to complete the process to get the discount both ways.

We approached directly to the city main centre at Preseren Square. All city meets up and celebration happen just right by the Preseren Square. If there’s an event going on in Ljubljana then there is a good chance it will happen in this space. Regarding its history the square takes its name from the 19th-century poet France Preseren whose work “Zdravljica”, “A Toast”, which also became Slovenia’s national anthem. France Preseren statue is located next to the Central Pharmacy.

Triple Bridge

Next stop was to admire triple bridge which is located in front of the Preseren Square where you can see three bridges decorated with stone railings and lanterns. The central bridge is dated 1842 and is much older than the two others. This was intended for road traffic, and others two were added for pedestrians at the start of the 1930.Ljubljana Old Town

Once you cross the river from Preseren Square you enter the Old Town of Ljubljana. It’s not a large old town as within the Old Town you’ll find one street that runs right along the riverbank and the other through from one square to the next. Don’t miss to look down as the city has some ornate manhole covers.

Dragon Bridge

The other iconic bridge is the Dragon Bridge which was constructed in 1901. It is worth to visit as the dragon is the symbol for the city of Ljubljana so one photo with Dragon is necessary. As soon as you see this bridge the origin behind its name should become clear. On each of its four corners sits an expressive bronze statue of a dragon, with other dragon figures also worked in through the bridge’s design.Ljubljana Riverfront

The riverfront is the perfect place to admire Ljubljana’s beauty and it depends on which direction you choose to follow the riverfront, you’ll be taken past Butchers’ Bridge and the Ljubljana Central Market. If you want, you can even follow the river down to Spica Park where the two forks of the Ljubljana meet again.

Late night Eating: Check out BBQ-Rebrca worl famous Burger. We just loving it.Important takeaway of Ljubljana:

Taxi: If you just sit into, you will most probably end up paying at least 5 times the normal fare. There are a lot of freelance taxi’s unregulated by the Municipality taxies, who just wait for tourists and elderly people. I understood normal fare in Ljubljana is just under 1 € for start and then around 80 cents per kilometre. Here are some bigger taxi companies, all reliable, with phone numbers: METRO 080 1190,  INTERTOURS 080 8294, LAGUNA 080 1233 , INTAXI LJUBLJAN 080 40 20, CAMMEO +386 (1) 777 1212 https://cammeo.si

Buses: Buses are the main public transport in Ljubljana. For a map and all other details, see http://www.lpp.si/en  Just one important caveat, you can’t pay for the ride on the bus! You have to buy the ticket (“Urbana”) beforehand, usually there is a newsstand close to the station. A single Urbana card can be used to pay for several people’s fare. Such payments must be made to the driver, who selects the required number of fares on a special terminal.

Ticket Validation: Entry in the bus is always through the front door next to the driver. The ride must be paid for immediately after entering the bus, by validating the card. There are two card readers (validators) on every bus: the first is located next to the driver and is intended for paying for the ride for one or several passengers with the same card and/or with a mobile phone. the second is located above the area of the front wheels of the bus and is intended for paying for a ride for a single passenger. To validate the card, you should touch the validator with your card, close to the image of a hand holding a card. The card must be validated upon every entry to a bus, even when switching buses.

Free bus switching: To be able to switch buses free of charge you must validate your card each time you switch bus – within 90 minutes from the first validation. The ride on a bus you entered by switching buses can be longer than the 90-minute period and/or can last until the terminal station of the bus route. Bus switching is considered to be any ride that takes place within 90 minutes after paying for the first ride.

Day 2 BLED

It is comfortable to Lake Bled by public transport. We took the bus from main stop opposite the train station which dropped us in one hour few minutes in the center of town. It costs us approximate €6 per person one-way.Sit & stroll across the Lake Bled 

Lakeside stroll is one of the most delightful part of our visit.  When you walk along the Lake Bled, you will notice how beautiful is this place. There are many places to sit and admire the beauty of nature.Visit Island Church

The most famous attraction that Lake Bled is known for is the small island that is home to the 15th century Church of the Assumption of Maria. This little island church alone in the middle of the lake is a magical destination. There is a myth that a wish will be granted if you ring the church’s bell three times. As we do not believe in such myth hence, we did not go inside, so please be ready to make your wish. There is a 99 steps staircase are which seems goes down to descend into the water.Bled Castle

The other major landmark you should to visit at Lake Bled is the town’s epic clifftop castle. This town has pretty feature and an interesting attraction to explore. Castle costs €11 for entry including museum.What to Eat in Lake Bled?

Lake Bled is best known for its delicious kremšnita, also known as Bled Cream Cake. The cream cake is a dessert made from layers of puff pastry, custard cream, and whipped cream.

I would love to return to this place next time to check out the another season beauty of the town. In summer this lake is suitable for swimming and in colder winters it freezes and is used for ice skating.

Have you also visited such locations or Bled or Ljubljana? Write me in comments.